Wednesday 23 April 12.30 – 2.30 pm VINTAGE ROLLS ROYCE CARS – The 20-Ghost Club

Members of the oldest car club in Great Britain are touring Devon and will be arriving at approximately 12.30 pm. A chance to see 18 – 20 of the most beautiful early Rolls-Royce cars – including the iconic Silver Ghosts.

Normal admission.

Magnificent Magnolias’

The recent fine weather means that the garden has burst into life.  Magnolia ‘Felix Jury’ isMagnolia'FelixJury'3 the first tree to catch the eye on entering the garden – its large, iridescent ruby-red blooms are magnificent!  Other plants looking good are the camellias, narcissus and the garden’s wonderful variety of hellebores.   The garden is looking its spring best!