It’s always interesting when journalists spend time in the garden with us. A couple of weeks ago on an extremely wet day our head gardener, Nick Haworth gave a guided tour to the aptly named Bracken Jelier of Real Places publications and local photographer, Mike Kinsey.

Bracken’s online article has now been published. It includes some great photos from Mike and also some taken by our photographer, John Richmond, the following day when the sun came out!

The article also includes gardening views and advice from Nick, so if you love what we do and want to know more about how we do it, please click here and take a look.

Nick Haworth seated in tool shed. Photo by Mike Kinsey, courtesy of Real Places

For the gardening tool enthusiasts amongst you, the photos of Nick were taken in the gardeners’ shed, well out of the way of the driving rain. ┬áIt’s the lovely old stone building that runs parallel with the walled garden. Future blog posts will include items on gardening equipment…