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Acer Glade

The Acer Glade slopes away to the North towards the arched bridge, and contains an excellent collection of different forms of Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum. These range from filigree-leaved ‘Kinshii’ to the lower mounding ‘Inaba-shidare’. All assume dazzling shades from gold through to orange and crimson in October – colourful once more as the leaves emerge in spring. The turf beneath the Acers plays host to countless Crocus tommasinianus followed by carpets of blue and double-flowered Wood Anemone.

Towards the bottom of The Acer Glade a path veers around to the right following a gentle incline up The Rhododendron Walk, flanked on both sides by many species and hybrids from this amazing genus, at their best in April and May.

Towering above this section of the garden is an avenue of enormous Lime Trees providing a link to the last vicar of Buckland Monachorum, Amos Crymes who lived in the original vicarage in the walled garden. Over 21 years from 1751 his wife Elizabeth, bore 15 children and a Lime is said to have been planted for each of them who survived infancy. Seven magnificent Limes are still with us today.

Beneath the Limes a path curves its way in the same general direction as The Rhododendron Walk through grass densely populated with bluebells and erythroniums and varied plantings of startling blue Hydrangea, flowering from July onwards.

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Acer Glade

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