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Long Walk

In 1993, the field known as ‘Ten Trees’ stretching westwards from the house was developed into an extension of the original garden. It was planted with trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs in an unfamiliar style which was evolved at The Garden House. This style became known as ‘New Naturalism.’ The former field was named The Long Walk, which is three principal vistas merging into one.

The first, obvious as you enter the summer garden, is towards the circle of granite standing stones at the garden’s western-most boundary. The iconic view towards St Andrew’s church in Buckland Monachorum is the second of the three views. It appears about half way along the Long Walk at the Cottage Garden when the Cornish hills come into view and the church is nestled in a green backdrop. This season we have opened up the original view of the church, by extending the main path to the left, up to the turkey oaks in an area known as the dell. The final vista is across the bulb meadow, and is best seen from the top summer house perched above the quarry garden.

Enjoy the garden and stay a while on one of the many benches in the long walk. Often the only sound you will hear is birdsong – or just possibly the hum of a mower!



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Long Walk

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