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Quarry Garden

Immediately above the cottage garden, the steep banks of the quarry garden come into view. Much of the stone used at The Garden House originated from this area which was sculpted with a digger into steep well-drained banks of shaley, fertile soil. Taking full advantage of the frost drainage they provide, the planting includes a colony of the tender spreader, Euphorbia stygiana. Elsewhere, Salvia, Phlomis, Cistus and Perovskia intermingle with Alchemilla mollis and Potentilla recta.

The area also features a deep cleft with a series of pools and tumbling cascades. Here the populations of tadpoles and water boatmen are a delight to children (especially!). To the right the path winds towards an oak-framed summer house that offers shelter during periods of inclement weather as well as panoramic views.

Pass by the bank where the planting has taken its cue from wild alpine turf. Here the rare native pulsatillas begin the season with silky clumps of nodding violet bells. They are followed by a summer carpet dominated by of Phlox, Thyme and Helianthemum, all viciously cut back after flowering. Broadening the season of interest, the planting also features colonies of Roscoea humeana, Dierama pauciflorum and Greek Chamerion dodonaei.

Garden House

Quarry Garden

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