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Walled Garden

The Walled Garden is the core of the garden created by the Fortescues. This contains a medieval tower, the last remains of a once much larger three-storied building. Stone built with a slate roof, it had a oak-panelled parlour on the ground floor, a hall, buttery, beerhouse and cellar. On the first floor were four bedrooms and a study with fir timbered floor and ceilings; above were three more bedrooms and another room, again fir timbered. Today the tower acts as a means of moving between The Lower Terrace and Tennis Court Terrace as well as affording fantastic view of the Walled Garden itself from its uppermost level.

Across from the tower is a thatched barn which, in medieval times served as kitchen to the main house – separated due to the risk of fire.


Garden House

Walled Garden

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Garden House
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Garden House
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