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Wild Flower Meadow

A gently curving mown grass path cuts its way through a large belt of grass beneath the birch wood. Perfect for ambling on a summer day, watching the butterflies and enjoying the connection with nature. Barefoot is fine with us.

The meadow is only mown between the second week of September and late October, a regime timed to the seeding of a population of the June flowering Southern Marsh Orchid, Dactylorhiza praetermissa. To reduce the soil fertility and the vigour of grass species present all mowings are removed. In addition we have added Yellow Rattle, Rhinathus minor which is a semi-parasite on grass species and also helps reduce its growth.

Our aim with the meadow is to encourage diversity in the species that will tolerate these conditions, the most obvious of which are the bulbs. There is a strain of Camassia leichtlinii which ranges in shades from cream to old rose, through every shade of blue and even purple with blends and bicolors to boot! These flower with the gorgeous grey green Ornithogalum nutans and Fritillaria meleagris (Snakes Head Fritillary) which define the curve of the grass path as they flower in April.

Each year we also add new non-bulbous species. Recently these have included, Geranium pratense, Catananche and Thalictrum as well as an exquisite pale lemon-flowered form of the Field Buttercup, Ranunculus acris and a double-flowered form of this species.


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Wild Flower Meadow

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