Snowdrops galore!

At this time of year we always watch the garden closely to see signs of early spring. Snowdrops are the plants that catch the headlines, as they are easy to identify and their white flowers always stand out so brightly.

Snowdrops close up with The Garden House, Devon behind in the distance.

The Garden House is home to many rare and unusual varieties of snowdrop, thanks to a previous gardener (Matt Bishop) who was fascinated by these plants and a well known expert. Matt’s legacy to the garden was a collection of snowdrops that attract snowdrop experts (Galanthophiles) from all over the world. So far this year we have 42 varieties flowering, with many more to follow. The wet, mild weather a few weeks ago sent them well on their way and we wondered if we would have an unseasonably early show. ┬áThe cold snap settled things down again and if you measure gardening success in terms of plants that are looking (and smelling) wonderful then 2018 is already a great year.

Each year we open in February to share the snowdrops and early signs of spring. This year we’re opening on the last weekend of January too, to make the most of some early flowering snowdrops. There is plenty to see and perfume to enjoy in the garden. Winter flowers and scents tend to pack a real punch; perhaps because they aren’t crowded out by the abundance of blooms that we have here in the summer.

If you’ve never visited a winter garden, come and have a look. You might be surprised by how much there is to see!