The Wind in the Willows 2017

Wind in the willows.jpg

Relax in the garden and join us for an evening of exciting, open-air family theatre.  We'll have the stage by the lake, making the most of the natural amphitheatre of the arboretum. Bring a rug or low-backed chair and enjoy a picnic as you watch the classic story of Toad unfurl.

Meet Mole as she says 'dang' and 'blast it!', throws down her broom and sets off on an adventure.  On her journey she meets the effervescent Ratty who shows her the wonders of picnics and messing about on the river, Badger, the wise old sage of the woods and Toad of Toad Hall, whose exploits cause all manner of mischief and upheaval.  When the weasels take over Toad Hall it's up to Mole and Ratty, Badger and Toad to retake control.  With inventive staging, original songs and magical storytelling we invite audiences to enjoy this classic tale of adventure, friendship and picnics in Boxtree Production's unique and energetic way!

Saturday August 5th

Performance begins at 6pm. Ticket holders are invited to enjoy free entry to the garden throughout the day.Adults £14 Children over 5 and under 16 £10, family (two adults, two children) £37. Prices include all booking fees. Order online.