Rare plant goes on display for the first time at The Garden House

Rare plant goes on display for the first time at The Garden House, Devon

(Salvia stolonifera)

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One of the world’s newest varieties of flowers has gone on display for the first time in Devon. Salvia stolonifera is a herbaceous perennial recently discovered in Cloud Forest in the Oaxaca region of Southern Mexico. Its distinctive flower heads are an unusual zingy deep orange on vibrant green foliage.

The rare and exciting new species of Salvia, only discovered in Mexico two years ago, has been planted at The Garden House, Devon, and is available to buy for the first time in very limited numbers.

The plant arrived in the UK only very recently and was spotted by The Garden House’s Head Gardener, Nick Haworth, at Tavistock Garden festival after stopping to chat to someone he known for years.

“I was at The Tavistock Garden Festival and stopped to talk to an old friend from South Hams Nursery, in West Charleton, Kingsbridge. I was delighted to see their nursery stand at the festival and then, to my excitement, spied the Salvia Stolonifera. I immediately added it to the next plant delivery to The Garden House and am pleased to say we’ve now planted it very carefully in the garden for visitors to enjoy.”

The Salvia Stolonifera, which prefers partial shade, is now planted with Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Brilliance’ to complement the orange tones in the new fern foliage.

For those who prefer useful pretty plants, there’s also a wide range of flowers to enjoy and buy at The Garden House this Summer: Astrantia ‘Venice’, Astrantia ‘Roma’, Astrantia ‘Buckland’ are three distinct colour forms of Astrantia planted at The Garden House. A tough and undemanding plant that will stand a variety of conditions from damp shade to more open prairie style planting. The dark forms are ideal for an accent colour used with pastels and the pales really light up shade. “They offer real flower power as they can flower for months,” says Nick.

Also worth visiting for are Eryngium x zabellii ‘ Forncett Ultra’, Eryngium x zabellii and‘Violetta’Eryngium x zabellii ‘Big Blue’. All grown in open positions in formal borders and in prairie style plantings, these offer amazing shades of silvers, electric blues and purples with a metallic sheen.

“It’s a real coup to have the new Salvia plant in the garden,” says The Garden House’s General Manager, Donna Wadham. “There are a very limited number of these plants in the UK and even fewer in Devon. So we’re delighted to have a brand new species now growing in our Devon garden, all the way from Mexico for our visitors to enjoy - with a very limited number of the plant now available in plant sales.”