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The tiny powerhouses that are spring bulbs...

With the recent beautiful weather, I think we can all be forgiven for thinking it is spring. I know I really want it to be spring. There is truly nothing better than the first leaves breaking from their buds and the arrival of Daffodils herald’s spring, right? On the other hand, I am not sure a week or two of uncharacteristically fabulous weather really qualifies as spring. Especially now the rain and wind are battering the last of our snowdrops. We have had a such a long display of snowdrops here at the Garden House…

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Bursting into life in March - don't miss...

Fizzing, unfurling, blooming and bursting…visit us now to see Spring in full tilt at The Garden House. Don’t miss:

  • The Bulb Meadow – it’s studded with Iris Histriodes, narcissus & crocus until mid-March and moves gracefully into brilliantly colourful tulips which just keep on flowering

  • Corylopsis – that pretty, yellow Asian member of the witch hazel is flowering now

  • Brilliantly pink, our Camellias are in full stride; packing powerful punches of colour

  • Don’t miss our Magnolias - especially the Felix Jury which is a showstopper

  • Magnolia Lois - see its unusual lemon coloured flowers toward the end of the month

  • First Erithroniums are coming into bud – and some are already in flower…

  • Tangerine and pretty the Geums are already beginning to flower

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