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Bursting into life in March - don't miss...

Fizzing, unfurling, blooming and bursting…visit us now to see Spring in full tilt at The Garden House. Don’t miss:

  • The Bulb Meadow – it’s studded with Iris Histriodes, narcissus & crocus until mid-March and moves gracefully into brilliantly colourful tulips which just keep on flowering

  • Corylopsis – that pretty, yellow Asian member of the witch hazel is flowering now

  • Brilliantly pink, our Camellias are in full stride; packing powerful punches of colour

  • Don’t miss our Magnolias - especially the Felix Jury which is a showstopper

  • Magnolia Lois - see its unusual lemon coloured flowers toward the end of the month

  • First Erithroniums are coming into bud – and some are already in flower…

  • Tangerine and pretty the Geums are already beginning to flower

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