Photographer credits


A picture speaks a thousand words

It's our unashamed intent to lure you into the garden by showing you how extraordinarily beautiful it is. To do this, we use images captured by amateur and professional photographers who are inspired here.

The garden changes daily. In the summer it changes totally every two weeks. It would be impossible for us to capture these changes if it wasn't for the generosity in time, skills and spirit of photographers who are inspired here, and who share their images with us for free.

Here are the people we all have to thank for capturing the spirit of the garden, along with some of their images.

Mark Bolton - professional garden and lifestyle photographer

Petra Hicks - former garden student at The Garden House and professional gardener at Saltram House, Devon

John Richmond - Garden House volunteer, professional photographer and ecologist

Philip Smith - professional garden photographer

Sue Thacker

Paul Wright - Professional Photographer

Taking commercial photographs at The Garden House

If you'd like to take photographs here and are a professional photographer, please credit 'The Garden House, Devon' as your location in file name and metadata. We don't charge for a licence, it's hard to police so we rely on trust and goodwill. We need publicity. If you sell your photographs to publications for garden features, please let us know, or better yet - suggest we are featured at length! If you would like us to share your images or link to you, please contact Thank you.