Quarry Garden & Jubilee Arboretum

These garden areas are joined in a way by waterside planting. The Quarry Garden is a gem. It's a slate-piled area with planting that needs low nutrients, has deep roots and thrives in the wet. It's also home to some of the best views in the garden and a planting style that is often at eye level. Unusual plants catch your attention and all the while you're within sound of the rill flowing through it from the top plunge-pool and off into the river at the bottom of the valley.  The summer house at the top of the Quarry Garden is a popular spot. Stay a while!

The Jubilee Arboretum was planted in 2011 to mark the Golden Jubilee of The Fortescue Garden Trust. It's home to unusual trees, planted on a gently sloping site with views of neighbouring fields and our small lake. It is a perfect amphitheatre and home to our summer theatre. We'd love to develop the space with a viewpoint that will take in the entire length of the garden - right through to the Magic Circle of standing stones. Watch this space.