Summer Garden and Cottage Garden

The Summer Garden is planted in a new naturalistic style. What does that mean exactly? We think of it as a deconstructed herbaceous border. It's a high maintenance space. Sweeping banks of grasses and plants that ebb and flow as if they happened by accident are planned, divided, maintained and ruthlessly managed. This part of the garden was formerly planted in a South African style, but Dartmoor winters killed that off. Now it is a blend of shoulder high grasses and perennials that tempt every visitor to 'swoosh' through them. 

The Cottage Garden is another high maintenance space. Up until the end of 2017 it was tended by one gardener, who spent a day every week orchestrating the planting. Hazel passed her trowel on to the next gardeners with strict instructions about how to manage the planting so that it keeps on giving pleasure to everyone.